Advocating For The Underdog In Employee And Tenant Rights

Attorney Frank Chica has dedicated his career and practice to defending and protecting the rights of clients who have experienced injustice.
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Professional, Compassionate And Client-Focused

At FGC Law, P.C., the attorney recognizes that clients may feel angry, afraid, vulnerable, and powerless. That’s why he takes a compassionate yet assertive approach. He takes the time to speak with each client, listen to their concerns, answer questions and doesn’t pass judgement. He is professional and knows when to fight hard and when to utilize his negotiation and litigation skills to advance his clients’ legal objectives.

Dedicated To Helping Clients Throughout California, Navigate Complex Legal Problems

Strategies Forged By Relentless Advocacy And Hard Work

Frank will diligently work to build a strong defense for cases involving employment law, landlord-tenant disputes, and habitability issues. He diligently evaluates every detail and personal information provided to develop effective strategies that aim to mitigate risk and pursue a successful outcome.

If you are an employee and have experienced wrongful termination, discrimination or sexual harassment, he will stand and fight for your rights. If you are a tenant struggling with eviction, breach of a lease, damages, or experiencing unhealthy and unsafe living conditions involving black mold, leaks, asbestos or any rodent infestations due to a negligent landlord, he will assertively defend and protect your interests and rights to living in a safe and healthy environment.

Standing By Your Side In The Fight For Justice

Frank Chica
Frank Chica