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A Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Who Fights For You

You deserve a hardworking attorney on your side after a car, truck or motorcycle accident. At FGC Law, P.C., in West Covina, you will find one. Attorney Frank Chica has spent his career striving to help the people of Los Angeles County and the surrounding communities.

With a heart for justice and a passion for defending your rights, he offers legal guidance in both English and Spanish. If you or someone you know is seeking a car accident attorney, he is ready to assist you.

Compassionate Help For California Car Crash Victims

Frank has earned a reputation for his honesty, quality of service and excellent client communication. Many of his clients are referred to him by previous clients he has helped. This is a sign of the respect, trust and case results that he has earned. He can assist you with a variety of claims involving:

  • Car accidents: Helping you move forward and file your personal injury claim.
  • Semi-truck accidents: Advocating for those impacted by large vehicle collisions.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Protecting the rights of riders facing danger on the road.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Championing the cause of pedestrians injured on the roads.
  • Bicyclist accidents: Ensuring cyclists receive fair treatment under the law.

Each case receives his personal attention. He focuses intently on recovering maximum compensation for you.

The Importance Of Having A Car Accident Lawyer

Injuries from auto accidents can disrupt your life, especially if they affect your ability to work. Frank understands this reality and stands up for workers sidelined by injuries. He has seen firsthand just how much an injury can impact your job. For example, if you can no longer perform your job duties and require vocational training. Some situations may even lead your employer to retaliate against you or wrongfully demote or fire you. Whether you were rear-ended while driving home from work or suffered injuries as a motorcycle rider due to a careless driver, you need a strong advocate by your side, which you will find at FGC Law, P.C..

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Get the local legal assistance you need after a car accident. Please call FGC Law, P.C. at 310-955-1170 or send an email. Se habla español.