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Protecting Your Workplace Rights As An Employee

As an employee of any business, it can feel as if you do not have any ability to defend yourself after a co-worker or employer violates your employee rights. Instead of letting the human resources (HR) department sweep things under the rug or hoping for things to improve on their own, let California attorney Frank Chica help make it clear that any violation of your employee rights is unacceptable.

Navigating the complexities of employment law can be daunting. At FGC Law, P.C., you can find the representation you need from a lawyer who understands the challenges you have faced in the workplace, from wrongful termination to discrimination. He will defend your rights and help you find justice, no matter how your rights were violated.

Recognizing And Combatting Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is not only unfair; it’s against the law. The U.S. Department of Justice and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) specify several different classes of people who are legally protected from discrimination. Employment practices need to be free from bias, retaliation or discrimination related to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, color, disability, genetic information, citizenship and veteran status. At FGC Law, P.C., you be provided the representation you need from a lawyer who strives to promote equality and fair treatment, and he will work to try to ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

Fighting Against Wrongful Terminations

When an employer fires you, that can seem like the end of the discussion, but if you were wrongfully terminated, then you could take legal action against your employer for their actions. There are multiple illegal reasons to fire someone, including retaliation against someone who:

  • Reported a workplace violation
  • Refused to engage in illegal activity
  • Went to HR about a workplace issue
  • Refused sexual advances from another co-worker or superior

If you believe that you have been unjustly terminated, you are not alone. There are many employment laws in place to protect your rights and grant you the opportunity to take legal action in these situations, but you need to reach out to a skilled lawyer to help you navigate them.

Protecting Your Income

You work hard for your earnings, and the law is there to make sure that you are compensated fairly. When your employer tampers with your billable hours, changes your hourly rate for the time you already worked, withholds any portion of your income or otherwise keeps you from the money they owe you, let a skilled lawyer fight back on your behalf. At FGC Law, P.C.  you will work with a skilled employment law attorney who is prepared to stand up to those who violate workers’ rights, and will fight for you when you’ve encountered disputes surrounding minimum wage, overtime pay, unpaid wages, meal and rest break issues, and proper working hours.

Seeking Justice After Sexual Harassment

No one should ever suffer from sexual harassment, especially when they are trying to earn a living. Whether you experienced unwelcome sexual advances, verbal or physical misconduct, quid pro quo or any other form of harassment. At FGC Law, P.C. your voice will be heard and the message that sexual harassment of any kind is unwelcome in the workplace.

Let The Lawyer At FGC Law, P.C., Defend Your Rights

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